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Welcome to the official documentation of Nantral Platform!

You can find various informations in the different pages. To navigate between them, please use the menu on your left!

Here are the main categories:

  • Get started: these pages help you to start with coding on the Nantral Platform project. It shows you what to install, which commands to run and basic things to do to get started.
  • Contribute: this section explains how we code and basic things to know on various topics about the Nantral Platform project
  • User documentation: these pages are destinated to people who are not part of the Nantral Platform dev team, but have to control some functionnalities of the website, like for example the BDE.
  • Deployment: this section explain how the server is deployed and what to do if there is some bugs. It is only destinated to the administrators who have access to the production server.